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Rules of Namaz

Leaving off the Maghrib Salah like this to perform it afterwards is not proper


While I return home from my office, the Azan for Maghrib is usually being called. There is no appropriate place for me to perform Salah on my way back home and there is also no proper form of seclusion in my car. Can I leave off Salah and perform it when I arrive at home, or perform it on the way home while driving my car? My friends told me that I shouldn’t leave off Salah, rather I should perform it while driving my car even though I may not be properly secluded. Please guide me regarding this issue because every day I leave off the Maghrib Salah and perform it with the Isha Salah.

الجواب حامدا و مصلیا

Leaving off the Maghrib Salah like this to perform it afterwards is not proper. For this reason, the questioner and her colleagues must speak to the administrators to compel their driver to leave with them on time so that they can get home before the Azan of Maghrib, or stop in an appropriate place where they can all perform their Salah, otherwise this job should be forsaken.

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