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What does Islam say about Telepathy?


Aslam o alikum
I want to ask about What does Islam say about Telepathy? Telepathy is allowed in Islam or not?
main app telepatey aik illm hay jo science ka illm kahlata hay iss main irtkaz e tawajuh say hum kisay kay dimagh mian kia socha ja raha hay jan sakitay hain iss main shammh bieene dira beenie chand binee aur sooraj binee jasay mushqien saml hooti hain neez iss say humm yah jan sakatay hain kah hummara dost jo kah door ho kaisa hay

الجواب حامدا و مصلیا

These types of knowledge although in itself is permissible but considering the fact that it is non-significant and causes a strong possibility of ruining the doctrine of common people it is essential to refrain from learning it or making it common.
Allah knows best