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The Jummah Prayer

Is it permissible to conduct Jumma Prayers in a small village


Is it permissible to conduct Jumma Prayers in a small village which has been continuing since long? Please solve my problem.

CLARIFICATION:::>>>> Assalamu Alaikum
I received your email. Moulana Sahib our village is very small and there is only a primary school and neither a court nor a Market Place. Please solve me this problem since many people are waiting for the reply. May Allah reward you amply.

الجواب حامدا و مصلیا

In reality Jumma is not correct in villages and it is correct in cities and towns. In our custom, city is a place where; the population is more or less four thousand; with a daily market that contains forty , fifty adjoining shops with all the daily living necessities available, for instance, footwear shop and textiles shop, cosmetics shop and tailoring shop, commodities merchant and milk shop. Also availability of Doctor and Hakeem, police station or cantonment and post office etc. etc., Also there should be different localities with different names in that city. Hence Jumma is valid in a in place where these conditions are fulfilled, and not otherwise. As for the concerned village, if it is not a locality of a City or not in the surrounding of it, performing Jumma is not permissible according to Shari'a since the necessary conditions are not available. Hence it is necessary to abstain from it, failing which, will necessitate to leave the Farz Namaz of Zuhr and make arrangements to perform Nawafil in congregation which is, indoubtedly, prohibited and is a sin.

Allah knows best.

Darul Iftha, Jamia Binoria
19 Zul Qa'da 1428