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Compensation and Atonement

no Kaffara (Expiation) for Fastings missed due to monthly periods


is lady will do (kuffara) of the roza of rAmadan during her periods??if yes then how much?? and if she had not given the kuffara for last 45 years because she was unaware about the problem, then what she should do now, as she is ill now...

الجواب حامدا و مصلیا

There is no Kaffara (Expiation) for Fastings missed due to monthly periods, but it is obligatory to observe Qadha Fastings for the missed Fastings no sooner than the Month of Ramadhan elapses. Now let it be cleared that, if the concerned woman in the referred matter is capable of observing Qadha for those Fastings, after her recovery, it would be obligatory upon her to perform Qadha Fastings. If she does not have the courage to observe Fastings or there is no hope also of her recovery, it is obligatory upon her to give Fidya (Monetary Compensation) for her missed Fastings. Fidya, for each day of missed Fastings, in relation to calculation of wheat is 1.75 Sers (1.6 Kgrams) or full 2 Sers to be precautions, or the price there of be given as Fidya.