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Disbelief and Causes of Disbelief

Who Believes in the Prophet-hood of Mirza Ghulam Ahmed Qadiyaani


Muhtharam Janab Mufthi Sahib, What do the Ulemas say about a person who,
1. Says that he who has seen me has infact seen the Rasoolullah?
2. Says that not to believe immediately of a person who claims to be a prophet until you see some qualities of Allah and Nabi in him?
3. Using intoxicant made of hemp is Sunnth e Rasool?
4. Makes his followers call him Ya Wajh Allah Ya Wajhan Nabi?
5. Makes the status of his follwers equal to the rank of Sahabas of the Battle of Badr?
6. Believes in the Prophet-hood of Mirza Ghulam Ahmed Qadiyaani?
And in addition to this there are various other blasphemous things are reported from this person and the dreadful matter out of all is that this person tries to defame the Ulema of Deoband and the Thablighi Jama'ath and, using the names of Ulema of Deoband he is getting the sympathy of people. Please issue Fatwa in this regard and be rewarded by Allah. Wassalaam

الجواب حامدا و مصلیا

Subjects mentioned in the question are undoubtedly of Kufr and misguidance and those who proclaim so are, let alone Ulema of Deoband, out from the fold of Islam itself. He should have to renounce his so called concepts of Kufr and Bathil (invalid) and make Thowba and renew his Iman and Nikah. And it is essential for other Muslims to refrain from having connection what so ever with him or listening to his lecturers until and unless he does so.