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Three days Sayrozaa, Chilla, and four months in islam


Assalam o alikum , Janab Mufti sab i want to ask questions aboout Taubligi jammat. 1-The people who are doing this work Amar bil Maroof, they said if some one does not do this, like Three days Sayrozaa, Chilla, and four months , this muslim is doing an offence , and The God will ask about this at yom e masher. on Doms day . so i want to ask if some one has no time in this busy life then how would he do this , is this Chilla Say roza and 4 months are Furz , Sunat or Mustahab? 2-They daily read a book name Fazaal-e- Amal in monsque after the Praryer, if some one could not attend this session , is he sinner? 3-If some one does not attend the weekly islahi speech at tublighi murkaz at F>B area from usar to Next day Ishraq. is he sinner ? 4-If some one is trying to get important islamic information from islamic books, is he doing right ? or he must to attend that gathering ? Allah hafiz

الجواب حامدا و مصلیا

In the name of Allah, the Most Beneficent and the Most Merciful
Amr bil Ma’roof and Nah’y anil Munkar (Calling people towards good and preventing them from forbidden things) is Fardh e Kifaya in normal situations and becomes Fardh e Ain in particular circumstances and this duty could be discharged individually or collectively in a possible manner and there is no hard and fast procedure is declared as such. In fact any method in violation to Shari’a should not be adopted. After this concise preface, let it be known that leaving for one of the periods mentioned in the question is not in the status of Fardh, Wajib or Sunnath as such in Shari’a that contravention to same resulting in committing a Sin. However, in order to discharge the referred Shar’i duty in a splendid manner in compliance with Shar’i requirements, it is an organizational arrangement to leave for more or less time durations, for which, evidence is found in Shari’a as well in Ahadees e Mubaraka. Through experience the benefit of this effort has become obvious.
Therefore, opposing them without any Shar’i grounds or criticizing or making target of those who discharge this duty in slandering and reproaching is not correct and, in the like manner, it is not correct at all for those who do this work to exceed the Shar’i limits and act in extreme or to call those who discharge this Shar’i duty, without getting attached to this particular process of effort, as Sinners without valid Shar’i reasons and it is necessary to refrain from such things. As for making use of books of authentic Ulama with the purpose of attaining religious knowledge, it is undoubtedly correct and there is no harm as per the Shari’a in it. However it is an incumbent act to have a teacher so that ruling of Shari’a could be explained in its real essence.