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There are some people who beg in Bazars and near Signal Posts


Assalamu Alaikum!
Hazrath I want to know that there are some people who beg in Bazars and near Signal Posts; 1. Is it correct to beg? 2. Is it correct to collect contributions (Chanda) or beg within the Masjid? What does Qur'an and Hadees say about this? Jazakallah

الجواب حامدا و مصلیا

Let it be known that it is not permissible to ask or beg at all without a dire necessity. Dire necessity means that if not asked in such a situation there could be an apparent risk of destruction of oneself or horrible loss due to severe hunger; and in that hard situation it is allowed to ask to the extent of saving oneself from destruction. And in Ahadees e Mubaraka severe warnings have been mentioned about those people who ask/beg without a dire need i.e. in the day of Qiyamath there faces will be filled with scratches and overshadowed with agony. Therefore it is necessary to be very cautious about this. Same is the ruling with regard to begging inside Mosques whereas within the Masjid raising funds for necessities of the Masjid is allowed only when it does not necessitate to move in front of those who are performing Namaz or leap over their necks. Or else, there should be an arrangement for such things after completion of Namaz . If the necessities of the Masjid and persuasion etc. to offer funds for same could be publicized and people by themselves come and give, then such a set up will be much more better.

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