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Funeral Innovations


Is it permissible or not to visit the graves of the Saints of Allah and to only ask Dua through their intercession? And is it an act which cause Barakath if nothing is done against the Sunnath? Some people say that it is Shirk. Please explain.

الجواب حامدا و مصلیا

Visiting the graves of the Saints of Allah and asking Dua from Allah Tha’ala through their intercession viz. “Ya Allah accept my Dua through the favour of this pious, good and high ranked servant of yours” is of course undoubtedly permissible and established through the practice of Noble Sahaba Radhiyallahu Anhum and Thabi’een Rahmathullahi Alaihim. However, making them intermediary having considered any of them to be at full liberty is indeed Shirk and Haram, abstinence from which, is very essential.