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Manners of the Masjid

A masjid built on land that was not made Waqf


What is the ruling on performing Salah in a masjid built on land that was not made Waqf? Must Waqf be done through legal procedures or is intention sufficient?

الجواب حامدا و مصلیا

A masjid built on land that was not made Waqf is not considered as a masjid as per Shari’ah. However, the Salah performed in it will be valid, but one will not receive the reward of performing Salah in an actual masjid.
Furthermore, one should keep in mind that merely intention without verbal consent is not enough for the completion of Waqf. In fact, intention as well as verbal consent is necessary as per Shari’ah in order Waqf to be complete. This is why in the inquired situation, when the owner of the land had verbally mentioned that he had made this land Waqf for the masjid, and afterwards the Azan and Iqamat was given and Salah was performed on the land at least once, then this land had become a masjid. Governmental documentation is not necessary as per Shari’ah for the land to be considered as a Masjid. However, if it is a legal requirement, then it should be fulfilled.