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Aitekaf - Recluse

A Committee Room occupy for etikaf in masjid during Ramadan


Janab Mufthi Sahib Assalamu Alaikum! Hope that you will reply the following questions at your earliest. May Allah reward you amply. A room is built in the Masjid which is called as Committee Room and throughout the year it is kept closed. On the 20th of Ramadhan this room is opened and some people occupy it for I’thikaaf. Is it correct to sit in I’thikaaf in this place? There is a verandah built, atop the Masjid where, during Ramadhan, ladies use to perform Jummah Salath and no Salath is conducted here in rest of the year. Some people use to sit for I”thikaff in this section. Is it correct to sit in I’thikaaf in this section?

الجواب حامدا و مصلیا

In order to become I’thikaf valid for Males it is necessary that the concerned place be an official Mosque, else, the I’thikaf e Masnoon would not be executed. Therefore I’thikaaf in the referred Committee Room is not correct. However, I’thikaaf in the verandah of the roof of the Mosque as mentioned is correct.