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The Eid Prayer

Performing Eid prayer in a school


We perform Eid prayer in a school which lies among the fields but the school is not Waqf (Endowments). therefore, some people have an objection thaht Eid prayer is not lawful in a place which is not Waqf. plz reply according to quran and Sunnah and get reward from ALLAH

الجواب حامدا و مصلیا

For the validity of the Eid Salat it is not necessary in Shari'a to have Waqf of a ground etc., but the place should have a City, a Town or an outskirt of a City. Now, if this village and the school too are situated in such a locality, then performance of Jumma Salat is permissible there without any doubt and not otherwise.

Allah knows best.