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Dawat and Tabligh

criticize the people of Thableeghi Jama'ath by which, I really get hurt.


Assalamu Alaikum, My name is Ahsan Shafiq. There lives a person who is a friend of my late father in our street and whose connection is with the Jama'ath e Islami. Often when I sit with him he uses to critisize Thableeghi Jama'ath and find fault with those who go in 3 Days, 40 Days etc., whereas it is so irritating to me. I have told him to the extent that you are critisizing the Imam behind whom you are performing Namaz lest your Namaz become invalid yet he does not listen. Please inform me what should I do? Concept of others who are connected to the Jama'ath e Islami too is the same and they perform their Namaz in our area's Masjid and criticize the people of Thableeghi Jama'ath by which, I really get hurt. Please guide me as to what to do. ( I have heard that a person's final verdict in the day of Qiyama will be similar to that of the group or the Jama'ath with which he had inclination with) AHSAN SHAFIQ

الجواب حامدا و مصلیا

When Sahaba Ridhwanullahi Alaihim Ajma’een and even the Anbiya Alaihimus Salaam were not saved from the criticism of founder and the followers of Jama’ath e Islami, calling them to be dictators in their writings, it should be considered a treasure when their followers suffice just to criticize the Thabligh Jama’ath. However discussing faults of a person or a Jama’ath without any Shar’i reason, especially about a person behind whose leadership Salath is performed, and spreading disputes and chaos among the public are worse actions from which abstinence is very vital whereas the questioner too should act with patience.