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Relation with non Muslims

drinking tea made by the hands of non-muslims


What is the stand point of the Islamic scholars regarding the following issue? There is a company in which most of the staff members are muslims. There are some non-muslim staff members who are responsible for cleaning. Is it permissible to drink the tea made from the hands of these non-muslim staff members? Similarly, is it permissible to have a non-muslim clean your room where you performs Salah, or to have them bring you food? Is it permissible to seek employment in this company? If there is any specific ruling for this company, then please inform me.

الجواب حامدا و مصلیا

There is no problem in drinking tea made by the hands of non-muslims, having them clean ones room, having them bring you something from the markets, or even seeking employment in the mentioned company, as long as it does not involve anything that the Shari’ah disapproves of.