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who have the concept that Allah is capable of telling lies Kafir?


Is Allah capable of telling lies? If no, then are those who have the concept that Allah is capable of telling lies Kafir?
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الجواب حامدا و مصلیا

The foremost thing to understand is that engaging unnecessarily in arguments and discussions on those matters of doctrines pertaining to which no clear cut explanation is available in Nass ( unchallengeable evidence of Shari’a), and specially when such issues had already been comprehensively elucidated is nothing but a useless affair and the public should not tread in this path but they should strive to learn and practice which are established through Shar’i Nusoos(Evidences). After this brief concise, the subject under discussion should be understood with the example that ; Allah Tha’ala does not forgive the Mushrikeen as per His promise in Qur’an e Kareem (Sura e Nisa, Ayath No 48), But He is capable of forgiving the Mushrikeen although He will not forgive. Identically the same is the meaning with regard to the capability of Allah Tha’ala in lying, i.e., Allah Tha’ala is capable of lying but He will not tell lies. This is the view of all the Ahl e Sunnath wal Jama’ath. Considering those who are of this view to be Kafir is based on ignorance and deception. Without any Shar’i need, hurling such matters and trying to create detestation of Ulemas among the general public; and, instead of attempting to understand the real meaning of a speech taking into consideration all the nick and corner and, separating only a sentence from it and capturing the apparent literal meaning; are unique ornaments of the infidels. Therefore it is necessary for the questioner, before exploring into the ruling about them, to rectify his own concepts and doctrines and to understand the real meaning of the speech.

Allah knows best,