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Financial Endowment

Can a Head of a Madrasa utilize the funds of Madrasa


Can a Muhthamim of a Madrasa utilize the funds of Madrasa according to his wish? On some business or to give to do some business? Please explain in detail. Can someone help such a Madrasa through his Zakat or by some other source or no?

الجواب حامدا و مصلیا

The funds deposited with Madrasas are normally of Zakath, Ushr and other obligatory Sadaqa. Those who are entitled to this are those students who, in addition to being deserving and non-resident, are boarded in the Madrasa. And these funds are normally collected for those students, and, depositing of same with a Muhtamim of a Madrasa is just in the category of Amanah (Trust) and, he is not the owner of those funds so as to spend as he wishes, rather, it could be utilized among the deserved students in their arrangements of meals, medicines and bedding, and except for these he should refrain from spending in any other matter.
However, if the amount deposited is in excess to the necessities, it could be invested as well, in business such as Mudharaba etc. for the benefit of the Madrasa and the students, yet in the present era, abstinence from it is necessary, and, may aid another Madrasa with the surplus amount.

Allah knows best.