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Etiquettes and Laws of the Quran and Hadith

made plastic coating on Ayathul Kursi


Respected Sir, A person in my office has made plastic coating on Ayathul Kursi and affixed it by tape and the Monitor is kept before it. He keeps the marker, or paper or some other thing over it. When I stopped him doing so, he said that it made no difference and nor was it an act of dishonor. I removed the plastic coating from his table and he found fault with it and again re-affixed. What.... is his action correct?

الجواب حامدا و مصلیا

If it is kept for blessings and virtues, then it should be hanged in front instead of keeping it down so that there would not be any disrespect for Aayaath of Qur’an and the purpose too would be served. It is necessary to abstain from keeping it according to the aforesaid manner .