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Rulings of Naming Children

Is the name Haris OK or not?


IS THE NAME \"Haris\" good OR NOT.
IN Tirmidhi Shareef Kitab Tafseer says:its the name of shaitan? Is that true?Should we choose another name like abdur Rahman for our son?

الجواب حامدا و مصلیا

Haris is one of the good Islamic names and virtues of it is mentioned in Ahadees whereas among Sahaba and Narratrors of Ahadees about 56 personnel named Haris are found. As far as the narration of Thirmizi Shareef is concerned, Muhaddiseen (Commentators of Ahadees) have declared it to be valetudinarian and weak. In some narrations it is recorded that Shaithan was having this name while he was staying in Jannath with Angels. Therefore it is not necessary to change the said name without any reason, however, if the purpose itself is changing the name then the most liked names are Abdullah and Abdur Rahman and may select one of them

Allah knows best.