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Islamic Propagation Center of a person called Muhammad Sheikh


My son stays in Karachi. He use to visit the Islamic Propagation Center of a person called Muhammad Sheikh. On visiting the website of this Center, I came to know that following are the Aqa'id of this person (Muhammad Sheikh).
1. Does not accept the Hadees of Nabi Sallallahu Alaihi wa Sallam.
2. He gives explanation to Qur'an whereas by himself he is not an Alim of Deen.
3. Does not agree with the event of Mi'raj.
4. He says that it is not necessary for ladies to wear shawl while offering Namaz.
5. He says that Hadhrath Eesa Alaihissalam will not return back.
My son said that the famous TV artist Ali Afzal Khan too use to come over there to propagate his Aqa'id. Apart from him a person (Saleem Akhthar) whom I knew since long from Dubai, too use to come there and these people making my son go astray.
Guidance is sought from the respected Ulemas whether it is correct to visit centres of such people? What does the Shari'a says about having contacts with people who have such Aqa'id? Wassalam.

الجواب حامدا و مصلیا

If the doctrines and concepts of the concerned person are in fact as is mentioned by the questioner then holder of such a concept is not only a misguided and person who has gone astray form the correct path, but, due to his refutation of Hadees e Mubaraka, on the basis of being among the Munkireen e Hadees he is out from the fold of Islam. Prevent your son from having association with such a person and in the event of his refusal it is allowed to break off ties with him and also to have legal action against him