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A company who import frozen chicken/meat from Brazil Australia


Respected Mufti saheb, Assalam Alaikum...WRWB I am working as a Secretary in a company who import frozen chicken/meat from Brazil/Australia etc. and sell in Saudi Market. Since I do not know whether these chicken/animals are really slaughtered as per Islamic rites or not although the goods are supported by a Halal Slaughter Certificate (saying as per Islamic rites) issued by Islamic Center of that country as per requirements of Saudi Arabian Government. Please guide me whether my job/salary is Jayez/Na Jayez...???

الجواب حامدا و مصلیا

It is undoubtedly correct for the enquirer to avail employment and to use the remuneration received therefrom. Hence it is necessary to refrain from falling into unnecessary doubts and suspicions. Further by sending comprehensive details of slaughtering of such animals, Shar'i ruling of same too could be made available.