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Halala and Irrevocable Divorce

Three Talaqs if given in the same occasion or in different occasions


Assalam u Alaikum
mufti sahib Please reply me with evidence in the light of Qur'an and Hadees that by Three Divorce , Three Divorce have infect been occurred.
Please reply soon

الجواب حامدا و مصلیا

Three Divorce if given in the same occasion or in different occasions, with one sentence or with different sentences, in both these scenarios as per the light of Qur’an and Sunnath, occurrence of Three Talaqs do take place. This is the Ijma (Consensus) of Sahaba and the Mazhab of all the four Imams. There are various evidences available in Qur’an and Hadees in this regard and some of which are mentioned below;
Ayath No 229 of Sura e Baqara
Narration of Hadhrath Lais Radhiyallahu Anhu- Sahih Bukhari Vol 2, p 792
Narration of Hadhrath Mujahid Rahimahullah – Abu Daud Vol 1, p 299
Narration of Hadhrath Ibn Wahab Rahimahullah – Nasa’i Vol 2, p 99
Narrarion of Hadhrath Ibn Abbas Radhiyallahu Anhuma-A’la us Sunan Vol 11, p 150
Narration of Hadhrath Suwaid Rahimahullah – A’la us Sunan Vol 11, p 151
Sharah Muslim of Imam Nawawi Rahimahullah – Vol 1, p 487

Allah knows best.