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Zakat and Syllabus of Zakat

Zakat of the following years will also be paid


I wanted to ask regarding the following issue: my father has neither gold, nor does he have silver nor cash. All he owns is a shop, in which may be approximately 2 to 3 lakhs of merchandise. Is Zakat due on this shop only or not? If so, for how long does zakat have to be given? He owns this shop for about 8 years.

الجواب حامدا و مصلیا

The price of all the saleable good in his shop must be calculated, then 2.5% of it will be given as Zakat for the first year. Afterwards, Zakat for the second year will be given from however much of the calculated value remains. In this manner, the Zakat of the following years will also be paid, until 8 years of Zakat will have been given.
And Allah knows best